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The company builds high value-added career development platforms for its employees through comprehensive policies in salary, welfare and incentives. The company provides enough space for personal growth and career development and encourages its employees to improve their own ability to realize their long-term development goal. To the company, it is essential to let employees gain pride in their work for the company and sense of achievement by contribute to the society. The company makes great efforts to create an inspiring work environment for employees, introduces talents, and provides a full range of salary intensive policy for employees. The company's intensive policy is used for rewarding employees for their contribution to personal and company business development. The company's compensation structure includes salary, rewards, medical insurance, endowment insurance, paid holiday, etc.
The company encourages all employees to give full play to their potentials in work, conducts the performance appraisal to employees according to their actual work performance, and determines the level of rewards taking employees' contribution to the company, the company's business development and the completion of business target into account.