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Cleaning cartridge (A+C)
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1. Avoid chemical disinfection residual risk.
2. Avoid the injury risk from misuse.

3. Sealed package, security access.
4. No need residue testing.

1. Automatic dilution.
2. Cleaning cartridge C+ heat disinfection( > 85 C): Remove precipitated calcium and magnesium salts + heatdisinfection (finish in one time) .
3. Cleaning cartridge A+ heat disinfection( ( > 85 C): Remove organic deposits, fats and proteins + heatdisinfection (finish in one time).
4. Save machine maintenance time.
Environmental protection: 
1. on line preparation, improves air quality of dialysis room.
2. Recyclable polypropylene container, less impact to environment.
3. Corrosion and wear of the machine is much less than chemical disinfection.
Less space, convenient for transportation and storage.
convenient operation for staff.

Properties of general chemical agents:

The best cleaning and disinifection plan for Gambrodialysis machine:

Shelf life:
24 months

Packaging: 50 pcs per a box, 4 boxes per carton.
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