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RO water system
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E-mail: dtech@dtech-intl.com

Model:  DT-ROII/1

750/H double pass (5-10 beds)

1. Membrane made by DAW from the USA.
2. Membrane shell made by high quality 316 SS. (seamless to avoid bacteria growth)
3. Fully automatic,One button start. The machine can disinfect automatically. During the night, the machine will flush to avoid bacteria growth.
4. Single pass and double pass can be shifted to ensure easier maintenance. (double pass)
5. 10.2 inch touch screen, user friendly.
6. Grundfos pump from Denmark can be for option.  
7. Good quality Electronic parts.

The difference between double pass and single pass:
1. Double pass has higher water quality. Water quality is essential to the hemodialysis treatment effect.
2. Double pass equals to two single pass bcz the two pass are totally separated and can be shifted freely. For example, during the maintenance, the machine can use single pass while the engineer is maintaining the other pass.

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