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Dialyzer reprocessing machine
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Dialyzer reprocessing machine is for hospital to sterilize, clean, test and affuse reusable dialyzer
used in hemodialysis treatment.

F168-A: clean one dialyzer automatically.
F168-B: clean two dialyzers separately at the same time within around 12 minutes.

Procedure of reusing processing:
1 st step: Rinse- Using R.O water to rinse dialyzer
2 nd step: Clean- Using disinfectant to clean dialyzer
3 rd step: Test- Testing blood chamber capacity of dialyzer and detect if membrane is broken or not
4 th step: Disinfect- Using disinfectant to affuse dialyzer.

Technical Parameter of Model: F168-B (double work stations)
Size: 370mmx430mmx600mm
Weight: 35KG
Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz-60Hz, 2A
In put power: 150W
Water input pressure: 0.15~0.35Mpa, (20P.S.I~50P.S.I)
Water input temperature: 10℃~40℃
Minimum water inlet flow: 1.5L/min
Reprocessing time: about 12 minutes per cycle
Work environment temperature 5℃~40℃,at relative humidity≦80%

1. Data management:
    PC work station can create, save, and search the patients’ database, operation standard of nurse easily. (Optional)
2. Cost-saving: Compatible with many brands of disinfectant.
3. Accuracy and safety: Automatic dilution of disinfectant.
4. Anti-cross infection control:
    Extra blood port header to prevent infection among the patients.
5. Record function: print reprocessing data, such as name, sex, case number, date, time...
6. Double printing: built-in printer or optional external printer (Adhesive sticker)

The advantage of dialyzer reprocessing machine:
1. Clean more deeply : Reverse ultrafiltration rinsing way can recover the blood volume efficiently and can clean more deeply comparing with other brands.
2. Testing: The accurate and efficient testing of TCV and blood leakage, reflect directly the situation of reprocessing, thus assure the safety of the whole process.
3. User friendly: Rinse, cleaning, testing and disinfectant affusion could be done either respectively or together, meeting different requirements.
4. Safety: Functions like reprocessing system setting, run the evacuation before affusion, in order to prevent the re-dilution of disinfectant.
5. Special design of concentration detection ensures the accuracy of disinfectant and safety of disinfection.
6. Easy operation: Human oriented design of touch control LCD screen makes the operation easily.
7. One button to start: Only pressing one button and the whole reprocessing would work automatically.
8. Data storage: The stored information of model capacity ultra filtration coefficient etc. Makes operation accurate.
9. Alarm system: Function of troubleshooting tips and shooting alarm reflect the situation timely to the operator.
10. Saving water and disinfectant
    - The adoption of 41 patents improves the disinfection quality while decreased water use volume (Less than 8L once for each dialyzer)
    - Clean one dialyzer only need around 30 ml of disinfectant.
11.  The F168-B can clean two dialyzers simultaneously within 12 minutes.
12. Easy maintenance: Hydraulic part and electric part are totally separated.


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