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Arterial Venous Catheter for hemodialysis(patent product)
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Compared with traditional AV Fistula needle

1. TPU material cannula can well protect patient's fistula and reduce bleeding rate at the puncture site;
2. It can shorten hemostasis time after withdrawal of needles.
3. Porous structure design of cannula is helpful to improve vascular access fluency and guarantee higher blood flow to improve dialysis sufficiency.
4. Patients can freely take things during dialysis treatment. It increases the mobility of the puncturing arm and improve patients' comfort and mobility during dialysis treatment
5. It can greatly relieve the pain and soreness at the puncture site.

6. It solves the problem of hard fixation of the needle for patients with pseudoaneurysm.
7. Smooth and safe tip of cannula can easily solve the problem of intermal fistula hematoma caused by the movement of steel needle during dialysis, which greatly reduces the risk of vascular injury.

8. It has good applicability to patients with disturbance of consciousness, agitation and patients with thin wall and easy tip sticking fistula.

Compared with similar products in the market:
1. Clinical operation is simple, convenient and fast, which greatly shortens the time required for puncture;
2. Pre-flushing and closed blood return function design which minimizes the blood exposure time, thereby reducing the chance of cross-infection;
3. The product has reasonable structure, smooth blood pathway and connection, which greatly reduces the probability of thrombosis.

It is used with the hemodialysis blood line for the establishment of extracorporeal circulation channels in hemodialysis treatment. It is single use

Specification and Color Code:

(Arterial catheter coded red; Venous catheter coded blue)


Single Packing: 50 pcs per a box, 10 boxes per a master carton
Double Packing: 25 pairs per a box, 10 boxes per a master carton


Sterilization method: Ethylene Oxide Gas

Shelf life: 36 months .


The product has passed the CE and ISO 13485 certifications

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