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Analysis of the Status Quo and Development Trend of China's Private Medical Industry Market in 2019

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  In recent years, the frenzied expansion of public hospitals has led to heavy debts, and private medical care has gradually become a market trend. In order to encourage the society to run medical treatment, the state has continuously exerted its efforts from the top, and gradually liberalized policy restrictions. As a result, private medical care has prospered, private hospitals and clinics have been vigorously developed, and many emerging medical formats have emerged, including “doctoral groups” formed by doctors alone, and “third-party independent medical care” that is independent from hospitals. "Institutions", as well as "Internet hospitals" based on new technologies such as the Internet. The emergence of these new formats has injected vitality into China's medical and health care industry, and the entire medical ecology has been improved.
  In 2018, the state continued to follow the previous guidelines, liberalized the market, and encouraged the society to run doctors. In June 2018, the National Health and Health Commission issued the "Notice on Further Reforming and Perfecting the Approval of Medical Institutions and Physicians". The notice pointed out that in addition to tertiary hospitals, tertiary maternal and child health hospitals, emergency centers, first aid stations, clinical testing centers, Sino-foreign joint venture medical institutions, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-owned medical institutions, other health institutions, health and health administrations are no longer The issuance of the "Approval of Medical Institutions" is issued, and the "Certificate of Practice for Medical Institutions" is issued only at the time of practice registration. In other words, the establishment and examination and registration of medical institutions at the secondary level and below will “combination of the two certificates” and vigorously promote the efficiency of examination and approval of private medical structures.